She’s gonna make him coffee in the morning just like me
She’s gonna get to watch our favorite programs on TV
And she is gonna get a kiss before she goes to sleep
Maybe he’s got her but she does not come close to me

And I can’t help but look at the photos they put up
And I cant’t help but wonder if she’s everything I’m not
I wonder if she’s happy being who I used to be
I can’t help but hope she does not come close to me

I know he thinks that he needs her
But even if he leaves her, where does that leave me but here
Leave me but nowhere, nowhere

She is now the one who he can tell his secrets to
And I’m the only other girl who knows these secrets too
You want me to move on but I don’t know what I should do
Cause no one else will ever be enough compared to you

I know I shoul close this door
I can’t do this anymore



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